Chattanooga Newborn Photography featuring Jaliyah!

My last session in my studio...

During normal life last year, you know, March... a friend of mine had reached out to me about sweet Jaliyah's mother expecting her little girl.

We had just flown home from a "mini mission" trip to the Dominican Republic and signs of Coronavirus were popping up in the airport.

I had no clue at the time that this would be my very last session in my beautiful St. Elmo Studio.

We came home hearing that Covid cases were popping up in different areas of the country and rumors of lock downs had started.

When two weeks to flatten the curve happened, my little studio obviously isn't essential. Therefore, I wasn't allowed to work. Sessions were postponed left and right. Pushing sessions back to April and May to June... The week that Georgia's Stay at Home order was put in place, I was moving out of my studio.

The plan was already put in place to move out the summer of 2020... so this wasn't a huge heartbreak. We only moved out 8 weeks earlier than expected. However, leading up to summer I had a lot of awesome things planned. As thankful as I am that we moved out of the studio when we did, I never really felt like I had any closure to my space.


This little beautiful girl, her mommy and their sweet little story was the last session I shot in my studio. Her photos are actually some of my favorite I've ever taken in that little room. Jaliyah was the perfect model and her mom seriously so sweet. I could not have asked for a better session to close out the studio with.

Being a Chattanooga Photographer, there is a lot of seriously talented people in this city. I'm just thankful to be a part of the community and a Chattanooga newborn photographer.

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