I find it absolutely typical that I started this blog in 2021, wrote about 5 blog posts, and then quit. Blogging is time-consuming and I have absolutely nothing to say.


I actually do feel like I have things to say, to write about, and to share. I think about the last three years and some of the life events that have happened. While not everyone will think it's important or even relevant - there are people who care. I think about the life changes that have gone on over just the last few years with my family, my friends, and my clients.

I think about those who have left us like Duke, Karen, my best friend's daddy, and my dad's best friend. I think about those who joined us like the 13+ babies that were born within our church family just in the last year! Not to mention, one of my last blogs was of my son Ethan, who had turned 16 and now he's graduated high school! WHAT?! Also, how we started our homeschooling journey with Norah before her third-grade year!

Now - here is where I'm going with all of this... Life keeps moving.

Documenting our lives, especially in this day in age, seems overwhelming. We take thousands of photos on our phones, post them on social media, and move on with our life. Those daily photos that we take, are incredibly important. Those daily photos we take are a reminder of what our life was like at that particular moment in time. Today, it doesn't seem like much, but years from now, they'll bring back emotions and feelings that make us sad and thankful all at the same time.

I'm always so thankful for the opportunity to photograph my clients. There is just something extra special about dressing up, playing with your family, and going on a mini-adventure, all while documenting this time in your life. Plus, sessions are fun, and they're always excited to get their photos back. I always have it in the back of my mind how precious the photos really are. Again, not necessarily today - but years from now.

What I'm saying is, take the photos - all of them! But also, invest in professional photos. Invest in documenting your family's life every once in a while! Make it special & fun!

Of course, I would love for you to hire me as your special photographer who goes along with you on these adventures, but even if it's not me - still invest in a photographer. It's worth it, friends!